Keg stool!

It was just about brew time and one of my buddies showed up with a wonderful gift for me! He crafted me a keg stool, keg seat or keg throne; however you want to label it! To me it is an awesome addition to my home brewery and I am very grateful for him having […]

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Wrapping up brew day! Brewed something that I am calling an American Oktoberfest Ale. If it does not come out tasting terrible I will be happy to post the recipe for anyone who might be interested in it! #homebrew #homebrewing #beer #brewer #brew #home #halmovement

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Great Earth Quake Preparation Tip for Home Beer Brewers!

Earthquake tip, store water in your unused home brewing kegs in case of the big one! I have lived in Southern California my entire life and have experienced my share of earthquakes. Thankfully there has not been one that has disrupted access to water near me, but the possibility of it happening looms high. […]

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New Home Brewing Products! Has the Worlds Best Home Brewing Wort Chiller Just Been Made?

Awesome new wort chiller available now from SABCO

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Sabco BrewMagic Wort Chiller #sabco #homebrew #homebrewing #wort #chiller Sabco BrewMagic Wort Chiller #sabco #homebrew #homebrewing #wort #chiller

Promo Code for the Month of  April, 2017
Homebrew Promo Code Date: 4-4-2017 to 4-30-2017
Coupon Details: New Home Brewing Product SABCO Wort Chiller
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock

Coupon Description: If you are not familiar with SABCO, they are one of the elite producers of homebrewing sculptures, brew rigs, home brewing systems, home breweries or what ever it is that you choose to call them!  In addition to homebrewing rigs SABCO creates other high end home brewing products to work in conjunction with their homebrew setups.  The recently released a new home brewing wort chiller that is pretty incredible and may be the best I personally have ever seen.  The SABCO Chill Wizard System is what they are calling it and it is pretty incredible.

Why stress over picking the perfect wort…

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Get 4 Homebrewing Kegs for Just $99 While Supplies Last!

Best deal around, just $25 for a keg when you buy 4!

Homebrewing Deal

Get 4 Home Brewing 5 Gallon Kegs for Just $99 Get 4 Home Brewing 5 Gallon Kegs for Just $99

Adventures in Homebrewing Promotion
Sale from Adventures In Homebrewing – March 2017
Sale Date: 3-24-2017 to 3-31-2017
Promotion Details: Get 4 Home Brewing 5 Gallon Kegs for Just $99
Home Brewing Link:  KEG SALE
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Sale Description: Right now you can get 4 Home Brewing 5 Gallon Kegs for Just $99 while supplies last at Adventures in Homebrewing!  These are refurbished pin lock home brewing kegs and are currently available for the best price that I have ever seen.  So if you are looking to keg your homebrew, this is a great chance to make the switch from bottles and save some serious money! Beer Keg Sale

Home Brewing Deal found at: Homebrewing Coupon

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New digital temperature controllers! Control both the hot and cold!

Limited time and quantity Promo Code Promo Codes for the Month of March, 2017 Coupon Code Date: 3-12-2017 to 3-31-2017 Promotion Details: Dual Stage Temperature Controller $69 + Free Shipping Promo Code: KEG KING Product User Rating: 5/5 Availability: In Stock Coupon Description: More Beer now carries some awesome new home brewing products just released from […]

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